Spirit 'to be'

Heart 'to love'

Mind 'to Discover'

Body 'to Serve'

Nurture International School, Bengaluru

Nurture International School (NIS) is powered by GEMS – The Global Education Model of Schooling of the Council for Global Education, USA and is based on the principle of ‘Compete with Yourself’. Education’s role is to help each child maximize his/her potential by fostering self esteem and a sense of achievement in a carefully simulated environment that addresses a balanced development of a child’s inner and outer powers of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Nurture’s Teaching - Learning Process

Nurture is the brain-child of Dr Sunita Gandhi, PhD, Cambridge University, UK and Co-founder: Council for Global Education, USA. She is the daughter of Dr Jagdish and Dr Mrs Bharti Gandhi and has benefitted from their 50 plus years of experience of running the City Montessori School (CMS).Nurture is based on a broad base of research as well as the rigorous exploration of education systems conducted by Dr Sunita Gandhi during her visits to 38 countries. ‘Nurture’ is India’s first education model in which children ‘compete with themselves’ and achieve their full potential by learning to be intrinsically motivated to succeed in a self-learning environment. Nurture promotes values and ethics of global citizenship and provides a values-driven meaningful education.

NIS Special Features

  • Regular personal diagnostic assessments, reports & smart plans–based on the premise of ‘Compete with Yourself’, where progress is the goal!
  • Very clear institutional goals and objectives resulting in improved performance of the students.
  • Language (focus on pronunciation and expression in Spoken English, reading comprehension, etc.) and concept development activities for other subjects are an important part of the classroom curriculum.
  • Interactive hands-on learning: Interactive learning is a more hands-on, real-world process of relaying information in classrooms. Passive learning relies on listening to teacher’s lecture or rote memorization of information. But with interactive learning, students are invited to participate in the conversation, through technology (online reading and math programs, for instance) or through role-playing group exercises in class.




Aptly maintaining a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, the...

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Nurture International School, 'WHITEFIELD', Bengaluru

Nurture International School, Bengaluru

Compete With Yourself Creates

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-learning