Nurture International School, Bangalore
  • Nurture International school, Bangalore aims rightfully to give each child a self-learning environment. It was indeed an inception with a clear vision to enable each child identify its own strength and blossom out with individualistic qualities.Nurture International School (NIS) is powered by Nurture which is based on the promise of ‘Compete with Yourself’. Education’s role is to help each child maximise their potential in the setting of a carefully designed environment that addresses the balanced development of a child’s inner and outer powers of body, mind, heart, and spirit   
The purpose of Nurture is to develop in the child
  • An intrinsic Love for Learning
  • Promote Discovery
  • Encourage Competition with Oneself
  • Inculcate Life Skills
  • Instill Values
  • Nurture Cooperation and Team Spirit
  • Inspire Leadership Skills
  • Prepare for the Unknown
  • Develop Global Citizenship
  • Motivate from Within

Vision and Mission

To inspire every child to become…
  • Good and smart
  • A good member of a family, community, country and the World
  • A gift of God to mankind and a pride of the human race
  • A leader of thought and action, a person of integrity whose deeds speak louder than words
  • A person who strives for excellence for all things
  • A seeker of truth, fair in judgment and guarded in speech.
  • An exemplary person whom others look up to as a role model.
  • A person who strives to make the World a better place through service and dedication