NIS Special Features

  • On-going personal diagnostic assessments, reports & smart plans – based on the premise of compete with yourself, when progress is the goal!
  • Focus on pronunciation and expression in Spoken English, reading comprehension and more...
  • Interactive, hands-on learning
  • In complete harmony with nature

Our Curriculum

  • The curriculum at Nurture International School, NIS, is based on the principle of “Compete with yourself. “ When children compete with themselves, they achieve more. It helps them develop self-esteem and confidence. We offer an academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal development programme that affords students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding. NIS documents each child’s personal progress and focuses on every child’s improvement and not only accomplishment. This creates an intrinsic motivation to succeed. Every child is challenged and supported at his/her level. A year’s course book is divided into six parts called tiers. The objective of each tier is understanding of the concepts. After the completion of each tier the child’s progress is reviewed through formative and diagnostic assessments which are often verbal and visual. The focus is on self-study. Self-analysis, peer correction and peer learning are other forms of assessments where children learn from each other’s mistakes and real time feedback is provided along with corrective actions taken immediately. Early intervention is the key to every child’s personal success.