Guidelines for the parent
  •  Parental participation in the school is very important. Parent visits and feedback are welcome at all times.
  •  Children should be dressed in neat uniforms with the school shoes. Every Wednesday is a color dress day where in children can be dressed up in comfortable dresses preferably dresses that they can handle by themselves.
  •  School closure may result when there are severe weather conditions or any political or social bandhs.
  •  Speaking to the adult/teacher at the time of dropping or while picking up your child or during school hours should be avoided, if there is any concern please communicate it through the Diary. If a parent needs to meet respective teacher, please inform the office and wait in the office at both of your convenience.
  •  Change in telephone numbers or address should be reported to the office immediately. Your child’s safety in the event of an emergency could depend on the accuracy of this information.
  •  Anything requiring our immediate attention has to be notified to the office.
  •  Once admission has been secured by paying the initial admission and term fees, there will be no refund.
  •  Please check the child’s Diary for circulars or last minute changes in plans.
  •  The School Diary plays an important role, so please find time to write every day and check for the updates every day and sign duly.

Health & safety

  •  If your child is not feeling well please do not send him/her to school. This is a request from the management and all parents in general so as not to spread it to other children.
  •  Minor cuts or bruises are handled by the school’s staff and will be reported to you when the child is picked up.
  •  If your child becomes sick during the day, you will be informed and if necessary you will be required to arrange for your child to be picked up
  •  Accidents requiring medical attention will be reported to you immediately and the management will work with you to get the best medical attention in the shortest possible time.
  •  Do not make the child wear expensive jewelry to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.

Field trips and picnics

  •  Field trips will be scheduled on specific days. You will be notified well in advance. In case of illness please do not send your child.
  •  All children must dress up in their Uniforms with caps, socks- shoes for the field trips, picnic or any outing.

Snacks and personal belongings

  •  We believe that children need healthy food for their growth and development; hence snacks that are nutritious are always recommended. Please avoid chips and chocolates to school.
  •  With regard to personal belongings of the child, the school will not be responsible for anything lost. To avoid such losses make sure that everything that the child carries are properly labeled.
  •  When you send snacks or lunch please try not stuffing too much food as we try to inculcate a habit of not wasting food. Please send the right portion of food so that they can eat and quickly resume to their activities.

Parent’s teacher’s interaction (PTI)

  •  We have PTI after each Tier to make sure we get to discuss our child’s journey and to take your valuable feedback.
  •  Each parent is given a time slot so please try to stick to the time slot given to you and attend the PTI.